There is nothing better than playing on a vibrant, colorful, stable, and warm sounding reed – a reed that does just what it's supposed to do with the least amount of effort expended by the player. It should feel like stepping into your favorite pair of cozy slippers or taking that steaming sip of coffee first thing in the morning. It is definitely a struggle to make beautiful music when you're fighting to manipulate a reed the whole time. I am a perfectionist, to say the least. I sit at the reed desk until the reed virtually plays itself. That said, there are many aspects to consider when making a reed: precise measurements, symmetry, and balance to name a few.  Every reed I make is crafted using the same materials – from beginner to professional. (This is why you will see that the price for every level of reed is the same.) The only difference in the reeds is the resistance factor. Working down from professional to intermediate to beginner, reeds are adjusted to allow for the air to flow more freely through the cane. This is achieved by scraping and balancing until the reed plays easily but maintains its pitch and tonal integrity. I play on each one and adjust until I have a reed on which I would be comfortable playing. That's what you're getting when you order Wildflower Reeds. I've been making reeds for 22 years, and making reeds for people other than myself for 14 of those years. I've taught students of all ages and levels and have gained an understanding of the “reed needs” at all of those levels. Wildflower Reeds are completely hand-made from start to finish. They have a colorful, warm tone, are flexible with just the right amount of resistance, and are responsive in every register with excellent pitch. Most importantly, they are made to fit every player at every level to 100% satisfaction.

*All reeds are tuned to A440 and crow octave C's.

**All reeds are dipped in isopropyl alcohol before shipping to ensure a germ-free reed.

Wildflowers and Bluebonnets

When the snow finally melts after a long winter in where I grew up in Northeastern Ohio, the crocuses pop their heads out of the earth. They always heralded the beginning of spring with their tender green leaves and vibrant purple and yellow heads. Then came the hyacinths and daffodils. Every spring, the garden would bloom with tulips, irises, cosmos, and peonies and the smell of lilacs filled the air. As summer approached, the roadside teemed with chicory, buttercups, clover, and daisies, and fall brought the rich warm hues of golden sunflowers and bright orange day lilies. The wildflowers in that part of the country are a sight to behold. It is one of the things I miss the most about where I grew up. Now that I live in Texas, the palate that I have grown accustomed to has changed.  These sweet Ohio wildflowers don't stand up to the brutal Texas summers. But one thing Texas has shown me is the beauty of its most lovely wildflower, the bluebonnet. Perhaps one of the most glorious times of the year in Texas is in April when the bluebonnets are in full bloom. The roadsides are a sea of blue waves with tiny whitecaps rolling along in the breeze. Children play in them, families pose for pictures in them, and festivals are held in honor of them. Bluebonnets are a Texas tradition. Since Wildflower Reeds was born here in Fort Worth, I wanted to honor Texas with its very own signature reed color – Bluebonnet. Bluebonnets make my heart happy and remind me of the vibrant spring color I grew up knowing. The variegated Bluebonnet Reeds will be offered every every April, and as a color choice for reed subscriptions. But as each month brings new wildflowers to the garden, so will each month bring different surprise wildflower colors for you to add to your reed box.  There will be multiple colors and variations available each month, and I will do my best to send different colors to keep it interesting!


Reeds will be shipped 12-14 days from order date. Most often, reeds are ready to be shipped much sooner than 12-14 days, but because things can get crazy, order your reeds in advance. Or better yet, sign up for a reed subscription and save an additional $1 per reed! If you're in a bind and need a reed sooner, arrangements can be made for a “rush reed” and expedited shipping. “Rush reeds” are a flat rate of $25 for up to 3 reeds.  Rush orders are offered as a service on the "shop" page.





Oboe Cane: various brands, 9.5-10.5 diameter range

Oboe Gouge: Innoledy, John Mack version, .59-.62 micrometers in the center

Oboe Shape: Jeanne

Oboe Staple: Chartier 47mm

English Horn cane: various brands, 11-12 diameter range

EH Gouge: RDG, .68-.70

EH Shape: Gilbert -1N

EH Staple: Chartier 22mm


Oboe Tie length: 72mm

Oboe Finished reed: 69-70mm

EH Tie length: 59mm

EH Finished reed: 55-57mm